Physical Access Management

Minimize Security risk and intrusions

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The foremost step to protect the school premises (or campus)

  • Secure and trusted access for authorized users.
  • Safe campus for students, teachers, parents and management.
  • Issued with a unique key to provide access to authorized users in the secured areas.
  • Smart card contains identity details of the individual which is scanned and checked.












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  • Facilitates high security
  • High-performance
  • Easy to carry cards
  • Fast and accurate authentication (less than 1 sec.)
  • Reduces administrative cost.
  • Optional Feature.

Types of Smart Cards

  • Contact Smart Card.
  • Contactless Smart Card.

Working of Physical Access Management

How does the system work ?

The hardware like contact or reader is installed at the door and wired into a controller.

The control system checks the permission and grants access for authorized users and deny access for the unauthorized ones.

The admin can configure system settings, schedules, and authorized users.
The admin can also view all the details regarding the user’s checked in and checked out data and also the areas they used.

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If the smart card is lost, stolen or broken, the admin is able to disable the card through the software. The card doesn’t work unless it is activated again.
No, the Smart cards can be used in main entrance doors, office rooms, staff room, library, canteen, conference room etc. It can be used anywhere inside the school premises.
Yes, the admin is able to make changes as required.

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